Case Studies

Case Study 1

Rheumatoid Arthritis

My client had severe inflammation symptoms limiting movement and opportunity in life.

We began with Breathwork and cold exposure activating the body’s natural anti-inflammatory systems.

After the first session, the client was much more mobile and flexible with limited pain. After completing the block of 6 sessions client responded –

“After years of pain, limited mobility suppressed opportunities, medication and treatment causing side effects, I have found the answer through nature and working with James. I have a new opportunity in life to participate in a way of living pain-free, as I have brought this method into my life, highly recommended”


Case Study 2


The client was suffering from cycles of behaviour triggering depression, anxiety and panic attack bouts.

We began with talking therapy to uncover what was the cause of the mental health issues and began to work from the ground up, moving on to Breathwork to stimulate the nervous system, releasing past traumatic events and limiting beliefs.

Cold exposure, moving past the survival mode and developing a new creative way of thinking. There exists a vast array of human emotions, ranging from joy to sadness, disgust to the excitement, and regret to satisfaction.

Learning to feel comfort in discomfort and be in control of your emotional state.

Mindset – after uncovering what was holding the client back, we then moved on to meditation/mindset learning new behaviours, beliefs and behaviour patterns(habits) integrating them and setting out objectives and goals moving forward.


“All I can say is this method saved my life, being stuck in the same routinely behaviours leading me to the same outcomes were draining my mental health leading to problems from my relationships to my career. Wholeheartedly all I can say is my life is now more positive, fulfilling & balanced”


Case Study 3

Sports and endurance recovery.

Marathon runner and fitness fanatic struggling with lactic acid and niggling injuries.

Client trained on methods for the vascular system through breathwork, mindset/meditation and cold exposure.

Through blood vessels everything is transported throughout your body: nutrients, toxins, acids, O2, CO2, and hormones in and out of the cells of your body.

This highway of blood vessels all has tiny little muscles, which help to efficiently open these veins (vasodilation) and close up the veins (vasoconstriction), in essence helping your heart pumps the blood through your system!

A proper working cardiovascular system means a good working infrastructure, directing the good stuff to the right places in your body and flushing the bad stuff out!

Allowing proper blood flow around the body will allow PH levels to rise and acidity/lactic acid to diminish leading to healthier blood flow and rejuvenation of cells.


“Working on this method 1-2 times per week has increased my endurance levels, and oxygen levels and sped up my recovery time. This is great for anyone who invests their time in sporting or physical activities”



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