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Wim Hof Fundamentals 23rd July 2022

I really enjoyed the event?‍♀️ my friend had a breakthrough in thinking and this was amazing for him as he has tried so many practices to help and I’m so glad this was a massive shift for him,
James was really professional and made it fun 10/10
Would love to do it again.
So grateful for the experience
Thank you James?

Lisa Maria Mitchell

Wim Hof Fundamentals 9th July 2022

James is really inspiring, both in sharing his personal experience and providing such a clear explanation of the method and how it works – and then we had a chance to experience this for ourselves.

The breathing is incredible. I’ve never felt so connected to my body or felt it charge up like this in my entire 49 years of being on this planet! Breathing with the group felt like we were one lung. Through the breathing method, I felt how powerful and miraculous my body is. In the final round of breathing, I felt as though an antenna stood up in my brain – and I could see beautiful patterns in my brain. I was blown away. It is a euphoric feeling.

I’ve had three sessions with James – in various settings: outdoors, in the hills and at a pilates centre – and each time I’ve been amazed at the results. Each experience has been different – sometimes emotions/blocks moved, and other times I felt pure joy, love, peace and happiness.

Getting in the pool of ice with an intention felt very empowering – surrendering to the process and using my breath to release fears and doubts that I no longer need to carry. It was so freaking cold! James coached each of us in the pool and powerfully held space for each of us – guiding and motivating us. We all did it!

I previously hadn’t tuned into the Wim Hoff method – after meeting James and his attending sessions I want to know more. I’ve started introducing cold showers into my mornings and am about to start the breathing exercises. I’m intrigued to learn more – and put it into practice. It feels like a mind and body reboot.

I’d highly recommend James to guide you through this method. It was a 5-star experience.

Julie Fraser

What a wonderful experience!
The course is well prepared in a quiet yoga room, with good ambiance and facilities.
The ice bath is such a shock to the body, I was ready to jump out within the first 10 seconds, never to return. James helped me to calm down and guided me through the breathing. His presence was very reassuring and I completely trusted the process. I absolutely loved the result! My body was so alive and my mind so focused. I hadn’t felt like this for a long time, it’s exactly what I needed.
I’ve been taking cold showers every day since then. Today, for the first time in 20 years I went for a swim in the North Sea. I went in without any trembling, I was comfortable in the water, I came out feeling amazing! I wouldn’t have been able to that prior to Wim Hof training. I can’t believe my body and mind can do that!

Joanna Bobinska

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