Download Breathwork and Meditation 1


Package 1

3 downloadable files – Introduction, Breathwork and Meditation

(Para-sympathetic breathwork/Healing meditation) package (Suitable for all levels)

This product has 6 rounds of breathwork, a steady pace to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, making it easier to go between the veil of the conscious and subconscious mind. This is where the magic happens when we become no space / no time. You will then be guided through a meditation, healing the past, feeling and understanding the present moment to then begin creating a future that you are proud of.


Breathwork and Meditation 1

Digital products offer you a program to use anywhere, anytime. In order to change, heal or create a new life it takes work, time and effort. The good news is we can enjoy the process!
These breathwork and meditation packages are designed specifically for individuals or groups with the desire to live life in alignment with their best self.
What benefits do the packages offer?
– Positive psychology/mindset
– Regulating biochemistry
– Creating new thoughts = feelings = emotions
– Understanding self, who you are and what you want.
– Healing inner child (delta/theta)
– Reprogramming the subconscious to a healthy state, healthy beliefs & coherence
– Heart/brain coherence
– Assistance in healing diseases
– Understanding body/mind/metaphysical connection.


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