The coaching I offer is working with the individual or groups. Engaging with the client we will look to see what intentions you have in life, what you would like to achieve and what needs to go in order to make room for your new reality.


Therapy comes in many forms, through my experience working with different trains of thought, tools and techniques I realised everyone requires different methods to let go of anything holding them back and find their authentic self.

Free Consultation

The first point of contact is important. It lets us explore you and the problems you perceive. It gives me a guide as to how we can apply the Wim Hof Methods. Controlling the breathing, the mental state and to finally release.

Group Work

Group work can cover corporate, Charity, Events & Group work. The service I provide can go beyond the individual. Going from private events to large corporate events at a location of your choice.


Get a Free Consultation

Just contact me for a free consultation. It cost nothing to speak and it may just be the beginning to change your life - James