In a group setting, I teach students the tools & techniques to unlock their potential. In order to move forward we must feel worthy of the outcome we desire.

How do we attain this goal?

Understanding the basics of your neurology, biochemistry, brain and emotions.

Before we can achieve the desired state, we must release past experiences I.E trauma or limited beliefs which have created a disconnection with self as this leads to certain behaviours. In order to survive through life as the brain develops a pattern to keep us safe and in the known, new realities require new beliefs, new actions and new experiences.

Experience – response – emotion – behaviour – pattern – belief – personality – personal reality.

Understanding this allows us to surface the programming no longer required, in order to make space for the behaviours and patterns that will serve us and draw the best of life to us. Science has proven that our thoughts create our reality, think negative thoughts, and create negative emotions which lead to physical & mental dis-ease. Commitment and a disciplined mindset of “I can & will” is the first step towards your best self. Knowledge is power, power to take back your destiny.

•Enhancing brain/body connection

•Understand you and your limitations

•Energetically releasing, create space for your ideal

•Learn effective programmes, patterns and tools to •Integrate for success, wellbeing & worthiness.

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Therapy comes in many forms, through my experience working with different trains of thought, tools and techniques I realised everyone requires different methods to let go of anything holding them back and find their authentic self.

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The first point of contact is important. It lets us explore you and the problems you perceive. It gives me a guide as to how we can apply the Wim Hof Methods. Controlling the breathing, the mental state and to finally release.


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